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lee32uk 03-04-07 17:39

just one thing when you are leveling up...dont pick up any of the loot left behind until you get to chain level 4 which will be a 'gold coin' icon.You will get better stuff this way.
Not sure if you have been on 'ozmone plains' yet, but you can get Katana swords by doing a big chain level against 'wu' bird like creatures.

Hyper_Crazy 03-04-07 17:40


Originally Posted by Trigger_happy (Post 1699029)
I gave it to Basch, as he could use it! Ashe has a sword that can petrify on a hit as well, which is also quite powerful.

Random point, but does Belias absorb fire? As if he doesn't, I can cast reflect and protect my self from fire and Firaga.

Um, I would think he would absorb it.

lee32uk 03-04-07 17:48


Originally Posted by Trigger_happy (Post 1698976)
Is he weak to any kind of magic? I tried using water, but it didn't seem to do much. Would ice be better, or is he just resistant to magic?

Belias is weak to water magic :) Cast protect and shell on your characters before you enter the boss fight.Also check the 2 treasure urns for usefull items :D

Belias absorbs fire so reflect is no good ;)

Hyper_Crazy 03-04-07 17:50

I never really use magic, I only use Curaga, Curaja, Regen, Haste and Protect really.

Trigger_happy 03-04-07 19:34

yay, Il est mort, so to speak! I killed Belias with a quickening chain, and then when he burnt that party to bits, I swapped them out and quickened him to death.

Then I killed Vossler- He was much easier, as he just targeted Basch, so I healed him. This Ozmone plains are hard, I had to run through most if it, but now everyone is level 18.

Cheers, for your advice guys.

Hyper_Crazy 03-04-07 19:43

Didn't you level up on Giza first?

Trigger_happy 03-04-07 19:55

no, silly me: :smk: I can do that on the way back- I got a bit carried away with the story

Hyper_Crazy 03-04-07 20:05

When you get to where I am Giruvegan, you'll need to have high levels. But don't worry, you have ages until you get there.

Legend of Lara 03-04-07 21:54

I just saw pictures of XII's final boss. :yik: It is **********SPOILER****************Vayne in a monster form known as the Undying********************SPOILER*********************** *

I'm looking forward to fighting that hulker. :mis:

Hyper_Crazy 03-04-07 21:56

Where are you on XII at the moment?

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