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Noodleboy 17-04-07 20:19

yes, but I'm a new member and never had an avatar at all.. =\

Trigger_happy 17-04-07 21:05

All this talk about avatars got me thinking- most Game related Avatars (except for the wonderful Lara Croft!) seem to be about a Final fantasy of some Kind.

CitanMK 17-04-07 21:10

New FFXIII scans:
Some new infos about the battle system, the girl's codename and her mysterious past...

BlackGrey 18-04-07 09:57

She looks gorgeous!

kryptonite23 18-04-07 11:32

She looks amazing and lovely.:D:jmp::yah:

Hyper_Crazy 18-04-07 15:03

Thankees. XD

MiCkiZ88 18-04-07 15:09

Lawl at the comment about blonde men -_-

The game looks and sounds intresting. Now I just have to choose which one to buy first. XIII or versus XIII?

Reggie 18-04-07 17:19

Just to clarify, has it actually been said that XIII and vs.XIII will have no connection?

Because I was thinking that it could be that whilst Lightning is fighting with the resistance for Pulse, the guy in Micki's avatar could be the one who trying to crush Lightning and her resistance?
Is that why, as far as the main character of vs.XIII is concerned, the story is bound to end in a tragic way?

MiCkiZ88 18-04-07 18:38

I heard that the two games will be seperate..

They are just in the same world. XIII most likely takes place beyond the ''kingdom of Crystals'' (who the guy in my avatar guards) And XIII mostly in the ''Crystal Kingdom'' hence he's been guarding the crystals..

I'm actually intrested about the setting now. Since in the scans it said that the ''crystal kingdom'' is evolved to modern times and the lands beyond that have been stuck in the midle ages after they lost the war..

The more I think about it the more connection there could be.. And the tradegic storyline of versus XIII could have something to do with XIII..

*head is about to explode because of theories*

Legend of Lara 18-04-07 18:44


Originally Posted by Noodleboy (Post 1739593)
*offtopic* omg 0.0 Legend Lara got her avatar already.. hm.. should I submit mine again?

Oh, COME ON! This is the third time someone has mistaken me for a girl. The third. Frikkin. Time! Doesn't anyone look at profiles around here?!? :p

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