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Trigger_happy 24-03-07 11:28


Originally Posted by Legend of Lara (Post 1669051)
I haven't played X but I looooooooove X-2! :D I think it's so loose and fresh, exactly what the franchise needed after countless dark emo outings.

And I guess I'm one of the 5 people in the world who absolutely adored the Dressphere system. :pi:

I like that fresh and quite happy way about it too. Plus, the battle system is good.

Hyper_Crazy 24-03-07 15:47


Originally Posted by *laralover* (Post 1669139)
I got FF9 today in the post as iv never actually owned the game only borrowed my freinds this game is one of my favourite ffs i love the old moogles!:D

I love FFIX, one of my favourite Final Fantasy, old Moogles where the best XD. So where you up to?


Originally Posted by TR FAN 18 (Post 1669724)
Errrmm... I'm out of things to do. I have beaten Yiazmat and Omega MK XII. I've got all 13 Espers. I got a new weapon called Wyrmhero Blade, it has 130 AP, +50 Evade and equips Bravery & Faith, BUT it is so SLOW attacking. I equipped it on Vaan and it takes 30-40 seconds for him to attack WITH HASTE! :hea: Also, it's not even on the Licence Board so you don't need a Licence for it.
Still trying to get that Zodiac Spear too. Stupid random chest.

I'm going to hate it when I get that far in the game, keep trying and you will eventually find it.


Originally Posted by Trigger_happy (Post 1669954)
I like that fresh and quite happy way about it too. Plus, the battle system is good.

I liked the battle system in X, but I hated the X-2 battle system.

MiCkiZ88 24-03-07 20:25

okay... HELP! :(

I'm kinda.. you know. Stuck for the very first time :whi: At Fey wood, Ice field of clearsight.. The heck Am I supposed to do here? There are these 4 colossal buildings but none of them have anything in them Just lots of fiends and I keep getting slaughtered. by those praying mantises because the eat eachothers and come stronger. The only thing that works for them is bio magic =/

edit: gah nevrmind.. I found out what to do :wve:

*laralover* 24-03-07 21:11


Originally Posted by Hyper_Crazy (Post 1670698)
I love FFIX, one of my favourite Final Fantasy, old Moogles where the best XD. So where you up to?

Yeah i think 9 is probably my favourite now up there with X i dont know though i like all of the games >< but when someone says FF i immediately think of 9!:D Im just onto disk 2 now going to Treno.

Legend of Lara 24-03-07 21:16

Ugh... well, thanks to the PS3 bc *glares at PS3* I can't play any FF games anymore! :( I have to resetup my PS2!

Hyper_Crazy 24-03-07 21:29

I'm at Giza Plains, the Rains.

My party levels are:
Vaan: 24
Balthier: 23
Fran: 24
Basch: 23
Ashe: 24
Penelo: 23

MiCkiZ88 24-03-07 22:01

Whoah your fast hc! :eek: How long have you been playing your new game? :yik:

I'm at anciet city of giruviega

Everyone: level 37
Play time clocked at: 63:07

Hyper_Crazy 24-03-07 22:05

I have been playing for 19 hours, not sure about the minutes. Oh yeh, on Giza Plains, when its the Rain, theres the 6 withered trees, I got all 6 of them, they lead to one of the other banks on Giza.

MiCkiZ88 24-03-07 22:10

lol.. you are 10 hours faster there than I was the first time :D

Ah.. Well I gotta try it the second time I play the game through. I'm just doing this time to ''quick'' run through the story. I always leave the extra stuff for the second run :) But this time there's just too much extra :eek:

Trigger_happy 24-03-07 22:11

Does anyone have tips for the 1st demonwall in King Raithwall's tomb? I had a go, but he mooshed my party against the wall! My main party members are all around level 16, so I may try to level them up a bit.

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