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Titak 15-09-09 16:14

Screenshot Showcase (8th round)

Continuing from this thread: Screenshot Showcase 7th round

Older Screenshot Showcase threads:
Screenshot Showcase 1
Screenshot Showcase (2nd round)
Screenshot Showcase (3rd round)
Screenshot showcase (4th round)
Screenshot Showcase (5th round)
Screenshotshowcase (6th round)

Those of you that have recently posted new screenshots in the previous Screenshot Showcase thread and haven't gotten a lot of responses yet, feel free to post the screenshot again in this new thread. :D

Remember to keep critisism contructive.
Help each other create wonderfull levels! :hug:


Special thanks go to MyRaider4Life for the wonderfull header at the top of this post. Specaially made for this new Screenshot Showcase thread! :tmb:

Phys 15-09-09 16:26

Woo new thread XD Great header btw!

Razzi 15-09-09 16:30

another one? :D great. looking foward to screenies <3

ViNi__ 15-09-09 16:35

Yay, 8th round! :jmp:
awesome header <3

teme9 15-09-09 16:45

Awesome header :tmb:

There were so many great screens in previous thread that I wish I could comment all of them :D Overall quality of this community has greatly improved imo :jmp:

new screens! :p (outfit is by trangel only recolored and ponytail from another outfit. (forgot to copy braid) (a test))

Phys 15-09-09 16:46

Could someone give me a list, in order of the levels featured in the header? :) They all look amazing and most of them i'm sure I haven't played (I'd like to :cln:)

@teme9: Great screens! Looks very dark and atmospheric! Kinda spooky.

kaufi-lc 15-09-09 16:50

@teme9: :yik: wow, that looks brilliant. Very good atmosphere :D

ViNi__ 15-09-09 16:52

wow! :eek:
the second one, specially, is fantastic :hug:
do you have a level name already?

julien 15-09-09 16:53

@teme9 :beautiful screenshots, it's amazing !!! I like atmosphere :jmp: (textures and lightning are perfect)
the outfit is excellent :cln: good job trangel:tmb:

Seth94 15-09-09 16:54

Great screens. :tmb:

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