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Earthcane 29-11-07 20:10


Originally Posted by AODdigger (Post 2281995)
But AoD as we know it isn't bad!! :( I finished it today (for the 3rd time this month :p) And I had so much fun!! I even discovered a new move! :D It's on several utube vids, but meh

I second that.

Hall of Seasons and Sanitarium are the most atmospheric levels ever.

Pity bout Karel tho :(

Chiki Mina 29-11-07 22:30


Originally Posted by Earthcane (Post 2281473)
Question: Why the hell was so much cut out of AOD??

*Points finger to Eidos*

george_croft 29-11-07 22:43

Thanks for these Aussie. About time we get all the AOD concepts organized! :tmb:


Originally Posted by Chiki Mina (Post 2282704)
*Points finger to Eidos*

Eidos were the ones investing in the project and giving core extra time on their hands to finish the game. Core were the ones who cut down the game, simply because they couldn't handle it all. So, why blame Eidos exactly ?

Encore 29-11-07 22:51

It's sad enough that, visually, the game was obviously meant to be a lot more. But what really annoys me is that this is probably the only Tomb Raider EVER, that truly tried to develop its storyline to the max. This game, from what it is and from what I read here, had a fascinating and imaginative plot, to say the least. If it was complete it would probably have the best story of all the series. Too bad.. :(

Chiki Mina 29-11-07 22:54


Originally Posted by george_croft (Post 2282723)
Thanks for these Aussie. About time we get all the AOD concepts organized! :tmb:

Eidos were the ones investing in the project and giving core extra time on their hands to finish the game. Core were the ones who cut down the game, simply because they couldn't handle it all. So, why blame Eidos exactly ?

I still blame Eidos in everything. Core was rushed. That's all I have to say.

aussie500 30-11-07 00:16

l was happy with the AOD we got, if my first taste had been a playable version of the game l would have loved it. l might still have had reservations about the boring RPG style conversations, l had never before got bored with any part of a Tomb Raider game, and l did not take well to having to repeat those conversations all the time. The strength upgrades were a bit of a joke, and not at all what l had been expecting. But the story itself while having some plot holes was fantastic, if Core had been able to continue and given us the online info about the characters and story it would have helped smooth over a few wrinkles.

But the rub was the problem l had, the unplayable game, too many had that experience, and too many games were returned. Now l was a bit shocked when it first started to dawn on me that Core had moved away a bit from the Atlantean theme l thought they had been following. All of a sudden we have god and his angels, thrown into the mix, demons, Lux Veritatis and the Cabal l had no trouble with. l had waited 7 years for them to get back to the original story and fill us in on the mystery and AOD while promising to eventually tell us what happened in Egypt, smelled to me like Core had again rewritten history. How exactly were they going to tie AOD back to the Egyptian gods and Atlantis?

When digging into what happened to what should have been Cores best game ever, l discovered the three sleepers, the original Nephilim, 2 male and l female, the female being a brunette. It is just as well l did not find that out while initially playing the game, Core would never have heard the end of it, hell hath no fury like a Natla fan scorned! Now Natla could not have possibly been the female Nephilim, since the Lux Veritatis had supposedly killed the other two while Natla was still imprisoned, so who was this brunette?

l never regained my interest in AOD till after l played Legend, so l looked at this in a slightly different way to how l would have originally. l already had one missing brunette, who possibly ended up somewhere in the distant past. l was already highly suspicious that Crystal Dynamics were heading in the direction l had hoped AOD would, remaking the original game and now obviously leaving Natla alive (which l always suspected anyway) has got my hopes up even higher. Only now Crystal Dynamics have made an important change, something that could have a dramatic effect on future games, and forever change how we view our Lara. The search for what happened to Amelia Croft could hold some very interesting discoveries. :mis:

But back to the topic of discussion the AOD concept art, this one was meant to have something to do with Eckhardt, likely also connected with Castle Kriegler.


We saw similar Lux Veritatis knights depicted in the Obscura paintings, during their struggle to overcome the Nephilim and their cohorts


The angel/nephilim standing guard over Castle Kriegler, holding the sword and looking upon the dead and dying knights seems to have been important to the Lux Veritatis, since it is Brother Obscura who painted these scenes. Of course it would be nice if we had high resolution pics of the obscura paintings, but unfortunately we never got them.

It seems Lara has been running into these walking dead skeleton guardians for a while, not to mention mummified Atlantean warriors who should have been long dead. The thought of the Lux Veritatis knights continuing to protect their strongholds after they have died is a bit strange, it is not quite immortality, they seem to have no intelligence, no soul, but it is not quite what one would expect for a faithful servant of god either, but then it is just a game. Who know perhaps Core were eventually going to explain this mystery along with all the others.

Chiki Mina 30-11-07 00:26

For a minute there, I thought the first painting was Don Quixote.

Stupid question: Is the last painting suppose to represent the dying of the Lux knights and that Angel is like the angel of death.

aussie500 30-11-07 00:42

Well it did intially remind me of Don Quixote, although this knight seems to be dead, certainly his horse is, the spear he is carrying is also similar to one we saw in one of the other concept arts, the karate babes warrior. l do not think it is the angel of death in the obscura painting, the angel of death does not hold a sword. l think it is the same angel that initially had the flaming sword.


Chiki Mina 30-11-07 00:46

The same knight we see in these Tombs: The Hall of Seasons. I don't understand them. They are immortal, they have no soul, but their only goal is to protect their stronghold.

I wonder if these were just walking about protecting it for years and years or do they just wake up when they feel an intruder coming.

aussie500 30-11-07 02:56

l think they wake up when an intruder is present, there was an unused comment where Lara says "Just for once it would be nice to walk into a room and not have the statues try to kill me" Also l seem to recall some skeletons coming to life and attacking Lara in TR4 or perhaps it was TR5?


And who is that familiar looking statue we see in the background? Obviously Lara was going to say that when she first entered this area, which perhaps was originally before the Hall of Seasons where we fought the first skeleton, but it seems to have been deleted so we never saw the statues come to life.

The one Lara was to knock over in order to get into the next area although looking similar, had no shield and thicker legs, it was a real statue.


Presumably like the centaur statues in Tomb Raider 1 they looked like statues till they suddenly came to life. Or perhaps they just had a variety of statues and the skeletons just walked around waiting for some innocent archaeologist to wander in.

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