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laras 19-11-07 15:18

Wow, really impressive, love it! Thanks for posting. :)

lillyc 19-11-07 15:33

Thanks!Never seen them before!:)

Alex Fly 19-11-07 15:33

Amazing ! Thanks for posting ! Some of them are new for me ! :tmb:

AODdigger 19-11-07 16:17

Same ;) Thanks, Aussie :o I seem to have forgotten to thank you in all the excitement over some concept images, which I hadn't seen ;)

Kinda off topic.. And asked.. But (@aussie) do you think they are secretly working on AoD? ;) A sequal or at least the original.. Or do you think they will link the new storylines (Amanda, Natla, Atlantis, Avalon) to the AoD one? (Nephilim, Cabal, mid Europe..) Cause they're both great stories and if they find a way to link them it'd be great :wve:
Don't ban me for this oh great mod, Aussie :o

Last Angel 19-11-07 16:42

:yik: aww this just makes me even more sad..AOD2 could have been so amazing..
i like Boaz she looks awesome :D

AODdigger 19-11-07 16:42

She does.. If she hadn't stabbed Kurtis she'd be the best :wve:

Last Angel 19-11-07 16:44

its ok all the more reason to play doctors and nurses XD

AODdigger 19-11-07 16:47

O_o you loeaded your perviness, oui?

da tomb raider! 19-11-07 16:53

Nice! :tmb: Boaz looks awesome! :D

Last Angel 19-11-07 16:54

thats your fault for mentioning the sexy beast :D

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