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Titak 02-06-19 09:03


Originally Posted by Boobandie (Post 8095203)
Literally just what type of lighting you choose.

Static - Lighting stays the same no matter what the room lighting is.

Movable - Lighting changes based on the room lighting values.

I've had static items merge perfectly with the room lighting after merging those statics with the roomgeometry. Had to change the light on the statics to perfect white, but it did the trick fine.

But it was as Dino said: it stopped working after a while for some reason.
All os a sudden they would appear as having no light ingame.

dcw123 12-08-19 18:22

Guys n gals - can someone tell me the way to merge objects with room geometry to fix lighting errors.
I had static objects with movable lighting in Strpix and in-game they look a little messed up.
I didn't want to resort to static lighting type as shooting or flares would make them not react.

Titak 26-04-20 11:56

Got this error:

Portal error found.
Check Port002Fr092To074 in Room092, it should lead upwards to Room074.
Check that no part of this portal is outside of the floor area of the upper
room (Room074)

I do not understand what it means.
I have not touched this room or the portals in anyway in Meta.
The portal mesh is in the correct place, where the rooms are connected in the editor.

The newlevel file is not created due to this error.

**** EDIT ****
Infamous forum effect kicked in it seems... :rolleyes:
This room 74 has the portal down into room 92 right in front of the wall, the edge of the room. So at the edge of the floor area.
I made the portal a tiny tiny bit smaller (moved it away from the wall just a tiny bit) and now the error is gone. :D

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