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Catracoth 17-08-10 01:40

General Artists' Thread
Since we have a general writers' thread, why not have one for art? Here you may post anything you've completed or are currently working on, and get constructive criticism and advice. :)

Here's something I've just made to coincide with a story I've just finished. It's the cover art for 'Sexy Girl.' Following this, I hope to make an abstract wallpaper, but I'm yet to have any inspiration.


If you'd like to share your artwork, please resize it to as small as 800x600 so that it doesn't misalign the thread and so it isn't an inconvenience to other members. :)

just croft 17-08-10 01:45

I can actually see this thread comming in vary handy since this part of the forum is becoming very inactive lately and you see a bunch of new threads with few posts. I just hope it doesn't get to restrictive as too the people who post and the kind of art posted being always the same (as it usually happens with other "general threads"). :wve:

Things I've done lately:

>Click for full size<
[IMG]http://i35.************/votp2r_th.jpg[/IMG] I posted this one on a separate thread.
>Click for full size<

[IMG]http://i29.************/30icl6o.jpg[/IMG] Posted this one on the General Avatar Assistance and Showcasing Thread

Lara_Fan_33 17-08-10 02:14


WCookie 17-08-10 02:35

Lovely works everyone! :D
I like making CD covers for musics which are unreleased or have a cover I don't like, and I made this one for an unreleased Kylie song, what do you guys think of it? :D

Jedd Fletcher 17-08-10 03:18

Holy crap Lara_Fan 33, that is just simply amazing. The shading is spectacular, she really looks like Lara, and I love how badass she looks wielding the RPG!

In the meantime, some of you may have seen my forays into digital art - MS Paint, armed with just my mouse!






WCookie 19-08-10 14:20

^^ That's really nice! :tmb:

Since I love this track, I couldn't help but add it my own touch :yah:

What do you guys think of it? :D

jamesgreen91 19-08-10 15:10

Something I just finished and posted on my thread about an idea I have.

and heres a bunch of other work i've done.


WCookie 21-08-10 18:43

Lovely! :hug:
I like the first picture a lot, thought the second one has something strange, her legs look kind off ... strange, but don't mind that, it's wonderful nonetheless! :hug:

I made yet another album cover, this time for Ke$ha's song (not the album) Aminal! :D

jarekhanzelka 21-08-10 19:14

Some o' my old pieces. Haven't photoshopped anything in ages.:(
bigger version
bigger version
bigger version
bigger version
bigger version

Nemo_91 21-08-10 19:21

I made this a few months ago.


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