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Billy959 20-02-13 22:17

le new dualshock :jmp:

Richard_Croft 20-02-13 22:17


Originally Posted by TRexbait (Post 6660658)
Well that was fast. Have we seen the looks of the console or controller yet? What can the not-a-box do? :p

They're just revealing the specs and the controller :D

xLara_Nathanx 20-02-13 22:18

The dualshock 4 is BEAUTIFUL D:

Sir Croft 20-02-13 22:18

The controller looks much better than the prototype.

TRexbait 20-02-13 22:18

Are the specs any good? And how are we liking the controller?

Richard_Croft 20-02-13 22:19


Originally Posted by sir croft (Post 6660666)
the controller looks much better than the prototype.

+1! Ikr? :d

Trigger_happy 20-02-13 22:20

Well, put it this way. I'd definitely make a move on Dualshock 4.

And its got 8GB shared memory, with some shiny new ram chips.

Billy959 20-02-13 22:20

Dat havoc physx

Sir Croft 20-02-13 22:20

They're finally providing GPUs that can compute physics. Thank God...

TRexbait 20-02-13 22:21

...Only 8gb? Or do we purchase more chips ala all of the other PS systems ever?

Pics or the controller never happened! :jmp:

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