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Alterjano 19-08-19 23:38

Today, Sony announced that they acquired Insomniac Games. I have a good feeling that Remedy is next on Sony's acquisition list as it was rumored last month that the company is bidding to acquire the gaming studio in the near future.

jajay119 20-08-19 00:07

Remedy would be an odd one as they have a history of MS exclusives but I’m not against it. Perhaps then we will finally get the Alan Wake sequel they want to make but MS apparently won’t publish.

Alterjano 20-08-19 00:32


Originally Posted by jajay119 (Post 8123054)
Remedy would be an odd one as they have a history of MS exclusives but I’m not against it. Perhaps then we will finally get the Alan Wake sequel they want to make but MS apparently won’t publish.

In early July, it was announced that Microsoft relinquished the publishing rights for the first Alan Wake game. Remedy has full publishing rights for the franchise
now and if they were to be acquired by Sony in the future, then, it is highly possible that they will release a remastered version of the first game before developing the sequel. Sony's recent and cordial relationship with Remedy in regards to the exclusive PS4 content for Control and the rumors surrounding its potential acquisition was further bolstered by Shuhei Yoshida visiting their headquarters back in May. Now, I assume that Sony is looking closely at the commercial and critical success of Control before they make a move to acquire the studio. If Control does succeed in outperforming their expectations, and Remedy gets acquired, we will be hearing more information about that development sooner, rather than later.

Samsdad 20-08-19 15:31


Interesting statement by Shawn Layden. Makes sense though. Game developers want to sell games. The more games you sell the better. I wonder if some of this stems from the agreement/understanding that MS and Sony reached on the use of Azure.

Blackmoor 20-08-19 16:08

It'll be interesting to see how this rolls out.

They'd be mad to release "console-selling" games to other platforms (such as mentioned in the article - UC, TLOU, BB, GoW, HZD, etc) unless it is years after they release on ps...

I expect this to be limited to less popular ps games where Sony would benefit from wider sales channels in order to make more money on them.

I suppose after the introduction of ps now which means some ps games can be played on PC, it's less surprising that they've mentioned this. After all, if people can play some games via a cloud and it doesn't wreck the console sales, why not sell some first party games to other platforms too. Very specific games though I imagine.

DragonSlayer 28-08-19 15:34

I got a PlayStation Classic today for the very low price of 20 euro that's brand new not second hand, CEX are charging 45 euro for the PlayStation Classic, while I had been waiting for a price drop I didn't think it would go as low as 20 euro, it didn't take long for it to drop in price from 100 euro to 60 euro from there it dropped to 40 euro before dropping to it's current price.

DragonSlayer 06-09-19 11:40


The long awaited 9th chapter DLC for Celeste will be released next Monday, IIRC I think the DLC is going to be free, I have yet to start playing Celeste even though I've had it for ages.

Vinkula 09-09-19 04:52

Is PSN down? I can't connect to it. Other devices work well when it comes to internet.

DragonSlayer 10-09-19 11:59

Does anyone know where on PSN I can find the Celeste Farewell DLC, I searched for it and then checked in the add-on by game section and couldn't find it, maybe it hasn't been uploaded to the EU PSN yet.

Also someone at Sony made a mistake in putting a big in Japan sale sign on the EU PSN when that sale is for the USA PSN.

When I clicked on it, it said something like this content is not available now or something like that.

DragonSlayer 18-09-19 15:16


A post on Gamecentral yesterday caught my eye it was about the secret to the PS4's success.

The post said crazy to think that the PS4 has been so successful this generation considering how much Sony struggled with the PS3 and how they learned their lesson and didn't repeat their mistakes by having gimmicks for the PS4 like no flashy new graphical techniques, no new disc formats that also played movies, no weird new controllers or peripherals and no non-games to try and get non-gamers playing, they did mention PSVR as an optional extra.

I will add to that post by pointing out that Sony did the opposite of everything Microsoft tried to do with the Xbone which made the PS4 the more desirable console.

Where Sony went wrong with the PS3 was trying to make it appeal to everyone by having it do everything like play music, watch movies and surf the internet when it should have been just a games console instead I never watched any movies on my PS3, the only music I listened to was the soundtracks that came with games, the only web surfing I did on PS3 was to get new themes.

Sony bounced back this generation with the PS4 while it seems that the Xbone has struggled as a result of what Microsoft tried to do with the Xbone plus PS4 has plenty of games that appeal to everyone while the Xbone just has Gears of War and Halo and IIRC both Halo and Gears of War aren't as popular as they used to be.

Sony cast a wide net by making games that appealed to everyone there's Horizon Zero Dawn for anyone that wants to hunt robot dinosaurs and lots of other games that would take me all day to mention Until Dawn among them.

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