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sapper 15-02-14 10:42

TRViewer update
I released a version of TRViewer in this thread awhile ago but it really belongs in this sub forum.

Latest version is revision 5i. Details here http://www.tombraiderforums.com/show...1&postcount=18

Download exe only.


Download below is full package for TRViewer.


WadViewer link


Info in this post. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/show...8&postcount=44

Old versions. (exe only)







Titak 15-02-14 12:49

Thanks. :D

I just noticed I hadn't even updated to rev5 yet... :smk:
Time to do so. :D

HeinzFritz 15-02-14 18:44

Thanks a lot Sapper!
I just downloaded the updated version and will give it a try as soon as possible and let you know how it works!

HeinzFritz 04-03-14 19:53

@Sapper, I had been busy with other non TR related matters, so I managed to give the updated TrViewer a testing just during the last few days.
As you have said, the feature most important to me works flawless, with express .tr4 loading editing and saving.
I tried for experiment's sake also to load an ultra-heavy level created some time ago and modified by Meta2tr and to save it without editing in TrViewer with "remove unused textures" checked, then with "keep unused textures" checked. It all works OK except for a texture on an animating object which did not display correctly in the first case (it is probably a problem related to editing in an older version of Meta2tr) and in the second case some sprites got messed up (I edited also the sprites with Meta2tr).
Anyway, as it was just a by the way experiment, you should take my result with a grain of salt and anyway, as I said, from my point of view the texturing feature of TrViewer is of no importance to me.
Thanks once more and keep up the good work.

HeinzFritz 20-01-15 11:47

Here is the other frustrating matter I mentioned in the other thread:

A short time ago, due to a mainboard crash, I bought a new PC, installed both XP SP2 and Ubuntu Studio 14.04 and everything (I tried out so far) works a thousand times better and faster than on my previous model.

There is one exception: Your TrViewerRev 5a (as well as Rev 5) does not work at all.

Although I have copied the appropriate folder with all necessary files from my previous HD, all other versions: 1.01, 1083 and all Paolon's versions work fine, only the milestone in Tr editing, the spectacular TrViewerRev 5a, gives an error and refuses to start at all.

Could it be, that maybe, I forgot to install something like a new version of C++, Visual Basic runtimes or similar?

Does TrViewer need something that is not included in the XP SP2 package, which I had on my previous PC?

Never mind, I have fixed it by installing the appropriate runtime library (the one from 2008)

sapper 20-01-15 23:05

Just for you HeinzFritz I have posted on my blog how to build TRViewer in Visual Studio 2013 Community Edition.

You would need 2013 runtimes to run that one I think.

I wonder if VS2013 community runs on XP?

HeinzFritz 21-01-15 07:46

I just checked your blog. An amazing and detailed tutorial altogether.
I have checked Microsoft's site yesterday and I saw that the 2013 build may be installed on XP, but I was not sure if it is the one I needed to run TrViewer rev5b, then I remembered that, on my previous systems, I had the 2008 build which got installed for another program, so I just installed it and all worked fine. The curiosity is that I already had two other versions of Visual Basic runtimes, the newest being the 2010 build, but to run Rev5b I needed the 2008, so I assume that 2008 is the one you used for building it.
Anyway, all is fine now.
I can not stress enough the value of the feature to use custom flips without problems you kindly implemented, as it opened thousands of possibilties, at least for those using TREP. (Too bad Ensi stopped developing it).

sapper 21-01-15 10:50

Yes the released version was built in VS2008 Express.

Building TRViewer is now simpler in VS2013 Community Edition so anyone interested in developing it can follow the tutorial and get started.

A minor point. The runtimes are the Microsoft Visual Studio C runtimes not VB runtimes.

sapper 28-08-16 05:11

A minor update to fix a bug that TR-Freak found.

TRViewer would crash when an AnimCommand was changed to Play Sound (5).
VS 2008 had a problem with some code that VS 2003 did not.

Note this version still will not load incorrect animations and so these will be missing if the level is saved.

The exe in the download will need to be copied to an existing TRViewer folder.


Titak 28-08-16 09:29

What would incorrect animations be exactly?
Mistakes in the animation, like not having assigned keys properly for example? :ponder:

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