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TRExpertgamer 11-08-19 15:46

Tomb Raider 3 E3 demo recreated
Hello everyone!! Now I'm very surprised that I found THIS here!! Now take a look that how great Dustie did to his own trailer on youtube!! :D :cool:


Gh0stBlade 11-08-19 18:32

This is amazing work, well done Dustie :)


Ewerton Pires 11-08-19 18:46

Amazing work! Thank u for the video :)

Heartache 11-08-19 20:24

so many cool areas, they should have kept them :(

TombRaiderTim 12-08-19 00:00

Lost City of Tinnos looked much different back then! Unless it was just another section of South Pacific? I'm curious if anyone knows of a video with a playthrough of it?

Woops 12-08-19 00:47

It's part of the South Pacific^ I believe a small snippet of it is shown in some video. not sure tho :ponder:

aquaflute 12-08-19 04:30

I really like how they show screenshots for several places, then jump to actual gameplay afterwards.

Mokono 12-08-19 04:32

Woah! I'm really digging those panthers :D.

marla_biggs 12-08-19 09:17

Nice one. I'd love to see a trle level featuring these rooms.

ESCachuli 12-08-19 13:53

Love it! I would love to play a recreated version of Peru and South Pacific before the change/delete.

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