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Samsdad 19-02-20 21:27

No Sony at Pax East

Sony backs out of Pax East, in Boston. There was one case of the virus there two weeks ago but nothing since. Bit of an over reaction IMO. I was looking forward to hearing more but I guess the wait goes on.

Blackmoor 19-02-20 23:29

I imagine at these conferences there are people attending from all over the world and these mass gatherings would be ideal for spreading the disease if anyone is contagious there.

It does feel a bit overreactionary but at the same time I can understand how management could err on the side of caution in these times.

Which I suppose is why Sony isn't alone in playing it safe.


Last week, the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona was cancelled entirely after several key exhibitors—including Sony, Amazon, LG, Ericsson, and Nvidia, all citing COVID-19 concerns—withdrew their plans to attend.

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