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God Horus 02-05-10 18:08

Object Showcase/Assistance (Round 1)

Because of the change with the original object team thread, objects can now be showcased here.

Members of the object team can also help you if you need help!

Current members of the object team:


To showcase your objects, you can post direct Meta screens, Strpix screen, or even, in game screens.


Object Of the Week
Peanut is now in charge of object of the week! He will post a new post every week with the object of the week!

larafan25 02-05-10 18:20


KyleCroft 02-05-10 19:44

Nice idea Jesse! I may post some of the objects I made :)

Titak 02-05-10 22:34

Thread stickied.

Continues from the old The Object Showcase thread.

If you have shown pictures of objects in that old thread but didn't get any or replies to it yet, feel free to repost your screens here. :D

Soul 03-05-10 20:13

As GH opened this thread yesterday I thought it would be a good idea to start working with meta. So I read dizzydoils tutorial and built the same candle, but a little bit different. And here it is:

My very first object. http://www.abload.de/img/kerze7op5.jpg

But it's untextured yet and it will be a pain to texture it. :(

Since it was great fun to do it, I might do some more objects in the future and maybe one of them is worth to be released ^^

Dunnut7 03-05-10 20:14

Amazing:tmb: If that's your very first object, I'm very surprised:eek:

Soul 03-05-10 21:27

Thanks :)

Here's a textured version. Though I'll do it again with better textures, as it's way to small to fit the FE2

God Horus 03-05-10 21:32

Wow! Awesome :tmb:

Underhoe 03-05-10 21:47

That looks fantastic, Soul!
I'm actually interested in meta, and I'd like to learn how to use it.
Can you tell me where did you found that tutorial, please?

Level NextGen 03-05-10 22:32

If I understood :o, I should post update of request here?! :confused:
Well, so this is the Sneak Statue not already textured...

@ Dunnut7 : it's 11 high clicks and fit on 1 block... I can't really make it as 8 clicks because the sneack will look too thin or fat! I'm waiting for your approval, then to texture it!

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