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GUMI 16-06-15 17:32

Lara Croft GO.

Will update more.

The1andOnlyTR 16-06-15 17:33

That was a surprise..

Alex Fly 16-06-15 17:34

Definitely a surprise, and a good one. Hitman GO is a fantastic game so a similar game featuring Lara Croft is welcome. :tmb:

tomblover 16-06-15 17:36

Relic Run just got released. What the ****. I don't mind this, though! :p

I haven't played Hitman GO, so I've no idea what the concept is, but I'm excited anyway. Let's hope it'll be just as successful as (I think) Relic Run was. :tmb:

TheRCroft 16-06-15 17:38

Milk that cow, SE!

Enya Brennan 16-06-15 17:44

And here, before us, lies our 20th anniversary gift! Bow before SE and their love towards our beloved franchise.

SrDanielPonces 16-06-15 17:49

GUMI 16-06-15 17:50


Originally Posted by SrDanielPonces (Post 7375752)

Thanks! :) Will add it to the OP.

Alex Fly 16-06-15 17:51

Thanks man, I missed the beginning of the video. :tmb:

Dream 16-06-15 17:54

Cash cow trash. Still not giving her the braid, original backpack. SE I hate you so much. It's so gimmicky as hell just like relic run. Enjoy the micro transactions I guess. Eugh. And whats with the generic sims basic face same goes for relic run, She doesn't LOOK like lara she hasn't got any distinction at all. Some people in the TRLE community can make better looking Lara models that actually get the look and vibe spot on and they're doing it for free and out of love. SE and CD don't give a damn.

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