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CrimsonBorne 03-01-21 08:01

render init failed problem help plz.
hello i downloaded tomb raider 2 from steam everything is fine

when i launch and set the setting graphics
if set the setting fullscreen hardware 3d acc i get the error render init failed "createdevice"

but when i run it at windowed it launch perfectly

when i run the software 256 colour renderer full screen or windowed its fine it launch normally

but i cant launch 3d harware acc full screeen for some reason
and i cant even change the full screen mode

i need help

Bokkie 06-01-21 17:54

Once you start in windowed mode, try pressing ALT+ENTER to go full screen.

Hope this helps

CrimsonBorne 07-01-21 18:02

oh sry i forgot to remove this thread bcs i fixed the problem

all i need to do was to remove the registry files of tombraider 2 its was corrupted or something

tlr online 07-01-21 18:07

Thanks for the update and welcome to the forum.

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