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JACOBryanBURNS 09-12-15 19:52

Lara Croft GO names Apple's 2015 Game of the Year!

Which is really no surprise, it's a fantastic game. I'm super glad to see Lara's spinoff's being given such proper, creative treatment. And thusly, the recognition it deserves!

MBog 09-12-15 20:06


JACOBryanBURNS 09-12-15 20:10

Jesus Christ. Please don't bring that garbage in here. Lara Croft GO is a spinoff title, ffs. And a knock off of Monument Vally if you want to get down to brass tacks about it. They weren't competing for anything, it's a mobile game.

Enzimix 09-12-15 20:34

Congrats! :D very well deserved award

Trenton 09-12-15 21:00

Awesome! Well deserved!! :jmp:

WolfRaider 09-12-15 21:27

"It's basically a "Tomb Raider" version of "Monument Valley" in every way but name"

Heh I disagree with that, as both are pretty different puzzles wise, but whatever.:p

Anyway congrats once again SEM, for getting these awards and recognition.:tmb:

Bomb Fighter 09-12-15 21:59

Congratulation. It's well deserved.

Emix 09-12-15 21:59

Wow, congrats!

SebCroc 11-12-15 06:46

Heh, a well-deserved win. Congrats! :D

Shark_Blade 13-12-15 07:41

Ooh another award? Congrats!

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