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Forger 20-09-11 10:30


Originally Posted by Titak (Post 5712607)

And please do not triple post like that.
Edit your post instead.

OK. Sorry. Thank you.

P.Carpet 10-06-12 14:19

I work in dxtre3d, write down me in the list please :rolleyes:

thewolf 29-09-17 19:19

You can add me on the list :wve:

Titak 29-09-17 21:18

Added. :D

Danath 29-09-17 21:54

Might as well join the list? :D

Titak 30-09-17 09:46

Also added. :D

Leoc1995 27-07-20 17:23


A few years late, but I would like to be on that list hahaha XD (I don't know if it's still being updated).

I have been using DxTRE3d since 2008-2009, and I sent my first level to trle.net in 2011. I went from 2014 to 2019 without editing, but I resumed this year. I published my last level at the beginning of the month, and I am currently developing a TR1 Custom Level with MariaDoria style, which I will launch a demo in the coming weeks to receive feedback.

Just today I registered on the forum :D

Thanks! :)

Titak 27-07-20 22:50

Added to the list.

And welcome to this forum! :wve:

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