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FloTheMachine 10-10-10 13:27

DXtre3d Builder List;
Sticky..? ))

I was thinking of a thread that listed all builders who use DX. That way making it easier if someone wants to set up a levelset with just DXtre3d builders. If you do post saying so and I'll edit the first post :D


Boris Samoilenko

Titak 10-10-10 13:33

I'll wait and see how this develops before making it a sticky. :D

FloTheMachine 10-10-10 13:38

Thank you :)

Tyhokan 10-10-10 19:26

Ok, might as well add me in, even though I'm not working on anything right now.

FloTheMachine 10-10-10 20:46

Should I add people who I know myself build with DX?

Titak 10-10-10 21:14

If they are okay with it, sure, why not. :D
(They are not members here (yet)?)

FloTheMachine 10-10-10 21:15

They are :)

McRaider 11-10-10 01:42

I'm here !!

GameGlitcher77 11-10-10 04:44

Well in that case...
Add me I'm building a levelset right now using Dxtre3D :ohn: ;)

Lwmte 11-10-10 08:13

Bojrkraider, author of highest-rated TR custom level ever, The Experiment 3: Budapest, works in Dxtre3d.

FloTheMachine 11-10-10 19:49

Don't you..? :D

larafriend 16-10-10 09:09

Larafriend, building Beyond Revenge Lies Redemption - episode 1 with dxtre3d :)

CelticGuard 16-10-10 14:42

I'm not building anything yet, but I've made one complete TR3 level.

FloTheMachine 16-10-10 14:45

Offtopic: Pleasssseee finish Nocturnal Monsters :D PLEASE!

CelticGuard 16-10-10 17:18


Originally Posted by FloTheMachine (Post 4947764)
Offtopic: Pleasssseee finish Nocturnal Monsters :D PLEASE!

lol I was just thinking about this a while ago :D

My exams are going on now...after they finish I will try to remake or at least make a better, extended sequel :jmp:

FloTheMachine 16-10-10 20:39

Please do :D

FloTheMachine 02-11-10 13:49

Good enough for a sticky yet..? :)

Lwmte 02-11-10 21:26

Silly me!
I forgot to say that Boris Samoilenko (author of Lara Croft Returns series) and Satanoff (Souls of Fire level), both from Russia, are working in Dxtre3d too! ;)

FloTheMachine 03-11-10 17:46

Don't you though..? :D

Lwmte 05-11-10 08:09

I'm not building levels, but indeed i use Dxtre3d! :D

Titak 05-11-10 08:37

Not building levels, yet you use Dxtre3d?
Okay, I think I know what you mean but that sounded a bit weird. :p

Anyway, thread stickied for now.

Scurvy 06-11-10 20:10

put me in the list too, please and thank you :)

tombraiderfrea 30-01-11 06:17

I'm experimenting with it at the moment... But haven't made a whole level with it yet... But this thread is interesting once I decide if I am going to stick with it... :o

(I'm more of a TRNG person honestly... But I like some of the capabilities that DX has that The regular TRLE/TRNG has... :) )

TR-Freak 30-01-11 08:24

I CAN build with Dxtre3D,I also released a TR1 Level.
But it's too limited That's why I'm using official Editor.

Scurvy 30-01-11 08:41

^^ It can be, but there's plenty of programs which help

SirHardRock 06-03-11 23:31

I've started building a level with 4 minecart adventure tracks with switches and dead ends and so on...

FloTheMachine 08-03-11 19:28

Updated. :D

SirHardRock 08-03-11 21:54

thx :)

GameGlitcher77 09-03-11 07:30


Originally Posted by SirHardRock (Post 5255306)
I've started building a level with 4 minecart adventure tracks with switches and dead ends and so on...

I want to play that when your done... :jmp:

Sarikman 27-05-11 15:57

Put me also in the list. I've built a TR4 level in a city and you drive the motorbike from City of the Dead and my best achievement is a TR3 level on a snowy mountainous temple. But I have a problem. Is there a way to convert your levels and levelsets to exe files? Help me......
I have here a trailer if anyone wants to watch...

Titak 27-05-11 21:24

I've added you to the list.
That TR3 level of yours looks good btw! :tmb:

Sarikman 06-06-11 15:39

I was using dxtre3d a couple years ago. I had built some levels but I left it. Now I found my old .tre files and I am evolving them. So can I be added?

Charlie91 06-06-11 19:18

LaraHCroft91 makes levels with DXtre3d, too.

THOR2010 22-07-11 02:16

hey flo, you can add me to the list, ill be making some TR3 levels soon

FloTheMachine 25-07-11 18:28

Will do. :)

Sarikman 26-08-11 09:39

I just made a group in Facebook for the Dxtre3d builders... Feel free to join it and share everything you wish that is related to dxtre3d... Let's see how many we may gather...

Forger 19-09-11 09:35

I am also a dxTre3D user with 2 years of practice. :)

Forger 19-09-11 09:36

I am usually creating levels with TR-2 engine. It's my favorite one. I always use some utilities for the dxTre3D editor like FexMerger, PixStr and DATedit.

Forger 19-09-11 09:47

Could you please add me? ;-)

Titak 19-09-11 17:02


And please do not triple post like that.
Edit your post instead.

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