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Catracoth 28-05-11 19:07

Open Video Game Chat :: Volume I

I thought since we had an open chat thread for general discussion, I thought we could have one for video games. In this thread, we can discuss games and consoles generally, ask members of the community questions on any subject video game related, and share our thoughts about certain titles.

To get us started, I'll share today's adventure to GameStop. I went to GameStop with intentions of purchasing Oblivion: Game of the Year Edition with a $10 off a pre-owned game coupon I received for my birthday last week. Upon grabbing the game from the rack, I realised it didn't come with its original packaging. I thought perhaps the front desk would have it. Lo and behold, they did not. I expressed my disappointment in this, to which the customer next to me inquired, "What difference does it make?"

Preventing me from being snippy, the employee that was handling my purchase said to him, "Some gamers are collectors and prefer their games in the original packaging with the instruction manual, even if the game is pre-owned."

This is incredibly true, especially in my case. When I buy games, I'm very frugal so I tend to buy pre-owned games if the price is reasonable. By this I mean, I won't buy a pre-owned game if the price is just $5 or $10 shy of a brand new copy. I tend to have luck when buying pre-owned games and disc(s) are wonderful, the game comes with it's original packaging and instruction manual.

So instead of buying Oblivion, I ended up coming home with a pre-owned copy of Fable 3 in flawless condition with an unused code for free downloadable content. :D When a door closes, a window opens.

Anyone else want to contribute to this subject or change it? Let's get the ball rolling. :p

ozzman 28-05-11 19:32

i'm stuck between getting a PSN Card or a use Copy of Heavy Rain, i'm thinking PSN card since there are some DLC coming out soon and i want to get them

herothing 28-05-11 19:45

I got Fable III also a couple of days; I love it so much, more so than the other 2.

Catracoth 28-05-11 19:51

@ozzman, I would get the PSN card. Heavy Rain is a great game, but there really isn't a rush to get it - the replay value is close to nought.

@herothing, I agree; a friend let me borrow Fable III before I purchased it (I own my own copies of Fable and Fable II) and I enjoyed it so much more than the previous instalments.

ozzman 28-05-11 20:13

ok, i'll go for PSN card, i liked heavy rain wen i played it but i never finished it. i'll get it next time i have te money, i want my MK and DW7 DLC more :D

trlestew 28-05-11 20:18

At the GameStop I went to, I managed to get a used copy of Oblivion: GOTY edition for $25 in its original packaging, manual, and the disc being in good condition. Almost two different scenarios there. :o

And there was a thread like this, but it died. Good thing this one is open, though.

ozzman 28-05-11 20:28

there are just too few games out now that i'm interested in,

irjudd 28-05-11 23:30

Now that Fable Three is available to me on PC, I am thinking about getting it. I really like the first game, but never played the second one. Will I be at a disadvantage with story comprehension from missing the second?

Catracoth 29-05-11 00:26

Not at all.
There's no chronology that I'm aware of.

Spong 29-05-11 12:34

Cool, another VGOC? Hope this one sticks this time :tmb:

Boring fact about my games...

My games are split into different piles depending on the console, the games on each console that I like the least is always at the top of each pile. They serve the purpose of protecting the games beneath them from dust y'see. The games on top of each pile at the moment? Legend (for 360) and AoD (for PS2). Haven't touched either of those in ages.

[/boring fact]

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