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Girafarig32 24-07-18 21:37

Sleeping with the Fishes Submarine Death
Hey everyone! Right, so it's been years since I've posted a thread in the forum of my favorite Tomb Raider game... which is tragic (I miss writing walkthroughs, explorations, and cool glitches I found for this game... you should check them out if you haven't yet, but please don't post in these old threads!). Since I got TRLA up and running again, I thought I would share this funny death I encountered in Sleeping with the Fishes. It's nothing groundbreaking, obviously, but still funny nonetheless.

Enjoy. :D

(PS: I edited the thumbnail to be censored, just for TRF ;) )

tlr online 25-07-18 00:50

Pretty cool. :D

I really enjoyed The Lost Artifact.

xtimz 25-07-18 05:27

OMG, it's hard to think that you didn't encounter this during the first play.

Girafarig32 25-07-18 08:41

^ I always dodged the submarine, so I wanted to finally see what would happen if Lara did get hit by it. I was not disappointed.

Maverin 25-07-18 09:49

It looks like she just finished a show or something like that! The ending pose is like 'tadaaaa the end, now where are my roses?' :D

Girafarig32 25-07-18 18:54

Ahh, this reminds me...


Patrick Shannon 16-10-18 17:13

Hi, Girafarig ~ I just stumbled on this thread... I don't visit the forums as often as I used to, but it's still always great to see a glitch or oddity discovered. :tmb:

I checked out that "explorations" link you provided to your old thread about getting next to Nessie, and doing same with the red car. That thread (where you discovered that the red car can be spotted on top of the clock tower) led to one of the all-time greatest glitching/exploration threads on these forums. :D

Ah, the good old days... (everyone, please don't post in this old thread)...


Girafarig32 18-10-18 03:30

I'm flattered, Patrick. Thanks! It just goes to show you that even 13+ years later we find new things. I'm sure with the unique mechanics employed in TRLA we will continue to find things in the years to come. :cool:

TombRaiderTim 13-02-19 15:56

I think this happens due to the mechanic of the submarine is the same used for the train but just a different mesh so it acts a bit crazy underwater. :D

The Great Chi 14-02-19 00:43


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