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Ward Dragon 22-03-19 15:51

Bloodlines 2 announced!
Holy crap, holy crap, holy crap! They're actually making a sequel to Vampire: The Masquerade: Bloodlines :eek: And it has the original writer from the first game too :jmp::jmp::jmp:



Apparently they're doing a lot of DLC stuff, but I'm okay with that if it's like Witcher 3 where the complete edition really includes everything.

And it says that "fan favorite" characters are returning. I immediately guessed Jack and Jeannette, and it looks like there are unlockable skins for them, so I'm pretty sure they're in it. Who else do you want to see again? :D

Nemo_91 22-03-19 17:25

I'm cautiously optimistic. I hope it won't turn out be a mess. :p

tomblover 22-03-19 19:00

Rik Schaffer is returning as main composer too!

I had a ****ing aneurysm when I saw the reveal this morning. There's no overstating just how hyped I am for this. Previews are saying it's extremely close to the original in terms of atmosphere. :jmp:

jarekhanzelka 22-03-19 19:32

Words cannot describe how badly I want this to be even half as good as the original, but that trailer didn't do much for me. Still, much like Nemo I'm remaining cautiously optimistic.

Linoshi Croft 22-03-19 22:46

As other have said I'm pleased...but cautious.

Tommy123 22-03-19 23:24

Excited but cautious as the others said

jackali 22-03-19 23:40

Well that's certainly worth a look.

matrix54 23-03-19 02:38

The last game was such a diamond in the rough. I hope they do the original justice. :)

Mani_Man 23-03-19 07:46


Originally Posted by Tommy123 (Post 8059937)
Excited but cautious as the others said

Yeah because the developer only did a multiplayer ego shooter before if im correctly informed.
So yeah, its awesome to get a new one and the cgi trailer looked sweet...but im careful and dont want to put too high expectations on it yet.

jarekhanzelka 23-03-19 09:55


Originally Posted by Mani_Man (Post 8060037)
Yeah because the developer only did a multiplayer ego shooter before if im correctly informed.

Both Chivalry and Blacklight were tight, fully functional games with solid gameplay. And they have the same writer, designer, and even composer the original did, so if anything, the developer's past reassures me that from gameplay standpoint it could actually be a lot better this time around.

What worries me is the good ol' "Just because they did something awesome before DOES NOT guarantee they'll do something awesome again". It has been over 15 years, after all, so it's certainly not safe to assume any of the guys who worked on the original still got it.

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