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LNSNHGTDS 15-03-22 05:23

GameSpot out of ideas for clicks and they're using Tomb Raider fans' lack of news to get a reaction I see?

I saw some other dudebro trying to pull of the same thing and he got ratioed in the replies by people saying that if you add inflation the first TR movie still made more. Not to mention that, compared to Angelina at the time, Tom Holland is an already established actor and obviously tons of people went to see the movie for him and not because of Uncharted, a popular video game that is still no household name.

I am TIRED of people trying to come for Tomb Raider and constantly trying to prove that Uncharted is somehow "ObjEcTivElY" better.

Just play your stupid games and shut up.

PinkyPromise 15-03-22 07:40


Originally Posted by Tonyrobinson (Post 8346829)
They should definitely capitalise on the Tomb sequences more like in the 2001 film, the entire Cambodia sequence was fantastic from start to finish and really drove home the feeling of watching a Tomb Raider film. A film more in line with The Mummy series from the 2000's but with a more serious tone would be my ideal sort of story.

YES! That is the way


Cradle of Life was banned I'm China because according to their government it showed the country being out of control and overrun by mobsters.

You sure a movie about a treasure hunter and foreign mobsters this time running all over the country and a story about how Tibetan monks defeated an evil Chinese emperor would be allowed by that same government ??
In TR2 the bad guys are Italian haha ​​it depends on how you approach the movie. If the movie takes place in Venice, sunken ships, mountains of Tibet (with yetis, a temple without references to anything governmental) and then in the Chinese part you add an archaeologist from the Chinese government, honest and heroic, who helps Lara to enter the Xian temple. I don't think they have problems

CoL showing the Chinese mafia controlling the streets, malls and they was the bad boys etc. was a totally wrong approach. In China they have a lot of treasure hunting movies. It all depends on how you approach it. In fact, Lu Ren was very well received in China for moving away from cliches and prejudices. He had a very cool Han Solo style personality. Add such a character and the Chinese censors will be happy.

I believe that if Lara's companions are people from those countries. We wouldn't have any problems. The wrong way is to show only Americans / English people saving the world in those countries (and the villains are the people of those countries). Multiculturalism in TR should be a must have.

LNSNHGTDS 15-03-22 09:05

Removing the Tibetan monks' struggle against the invading Chinese emperor would be altering TRII's story too much though as it was a crucial part of the overarching narrative of the game however and given the tensions with Tibetan people I don't think the Chinese government would be too happy about that.

I do agree that they need to stay away from portraying Lara as a white saviour though, however, no matter how it is presented, Lara is a British aristocrat that illegally takes artefacts from other countries to keep at her mansion, more often than not killing people and endangered wildlife as well as damaging temples and monuments along the way so there's no heroic or justifiable way to present that, it is what it is :p

Tonyrobinson 15-03-22 09:49

I often think about that dynamic with Lara and think that we've never really had many England based adventure films, maybe they could eventually have Lara search for the Holy Grail or Excalibur. There's plenty of English legends out there that they could adapt and it wouldn't be as though she was desecrating another culture. :p

Rai 15-03-22 10:33


Originally Posted by Ellioft (Post 8346846)

I saw it and ignored it. TR and Uncharted are in the same genre, so will always be compared to and unnecessarily competed against each other. They should be able to exist alongside each other. Now I suppose UC is the one to "beat". I'm surprised UC hasn't had more comparisons to Indiana Jones, after all they're both dude treasure hunters.

What TR needs to do is concentrate less on fancy set pieces, and maybe focus on the temples, locations and a good story.

Tombraider95 15-03-22 13:25

Imagine trying to big up a film's success in 2022 by shaming a film from 20 years ago.

We all know why the Uncharted film would do well. Because Tom Holland is the star and this film is off of the back of Spiderman.

laracroftswest 15-03-22 14:22

Why would an official outlet like that ignore the fact that when taking inflation into account TR2001 outgrossed Uncharted, as it currently stands, by about $100m?

Oh right, clicks. Lara stays on these people’s minds.

beencroft 15-03-22 14:43

The whole article was unnecessary. Iím just waiting for the sequel to be a success and the whole Tomb Raider movie franchise reaches $1B in total. Thatís worth a celebration.

PinkyPromise 15-03-22 15:10

Alicia Vikander a Swedish actress who films dramas. Tom Holland Spiderman and the successful Marvel actor.

I think there's a lot more to it than that TR2018 made almost 300 million... Uncharted makes 300 million with a superstar actor. In fact, Uncharted should make twice as much money as TR. It speaks highly of how strong the TR brand is.

LNSNHGTDS 15-03-22 15:38

Alicia has an Oscar so it's not like she's some small-time actress but yeah I agree with the overall sentiment.

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