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larafan25 23-06-15 14:53

My life is full of people asking stupid questions.

mepsipax 23-06-15 14:53


Originally Posted by DragonSlayer (Post 7383825)
:D that's nowhere near as bad as these

Barry Burton: That was too close. You were almost a Jill sandwich!

Barry Burton: Jill, here's a lockpick. It might come in handy if you, "the master of unlocking", take it with you.

[after defeating Plant 42]

Chris Redfield: Looks like we got to the... ROOT of the problem.

Barry Burton: What is this?

Jill Valentine: What is it?

Barry Burton: Blood! Jill, see if you can find anymore clues. I'll be examining this... I hope this is not CHRIS' blood!

Barry Burton: WHOOOOAAAAAA! This hall is DANGEROUS!

They always sounded like they were high in Resident Evil 1 :vlol: Like, literally, if you were to rip the audio from the gameplay and play it for someone unfamiliar with the series, I feel like there'd be a high chance they'd think they were actual stoners. :pi:

As for stupid things people say? My aunts and uncles literally refer to me as "the gay one". :rolleyes:

Evermore 23-06-15 14:55

I know someone who, just finishing his secondary education, believed that dinosaurs were fantasy creatures in a similar vein to dragons. He had no idea the fossils in museums were real and he was absolutely mindblown when I told him.

DragonSlayer 25-06-15 16:04

A friend of mine decided to re-enact that famous scene from The Empire Strikes Back but instead of saying the line the way that Vader said it, he said Luke you are my father. :vlol:


Daring Do 25-06-15 19:01

My friend and his sister were studying for a world history test. He asks, "What's the worlds largest superpower?"

She answers, "Flying."


Phlip 25-06-15 19:17

"How do you know you're gay if you've never tried it with a woman?"

"Who plays as the girl?"

Greenkey2 25-06-15 19:18

You can overhear some real gems in everyday conversations (and there's been one or two on the forums over the years ;) ). But my favourites - even though they're more silly than stupid - will always be Malapropisms. I'll never forget overhearing an older lady talking about how she was taking her cat to the vets "to get him orchestrated" :D

DOPE 25-06-15 19:23


smoking will kill you!
Oh, thanks for the reminder.

Enya Brennan 25-06-15 19:53

^Interesting how cigarette packs are where you can see this the most :o Somewhat ironic to me xD.

lance6439 25-06-15 22:56

"are you from british?"

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