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DragonSlayer 26-06-15 14:53

Wesker's line in RE5 i'll see you dead is really dumb, whatever happened to good old fashioned i'll kill you or prepare to die.

Wesker's line is the worst line in RE since those famously bad lines way back in RE1.

Shark_Blade 26-06-15 15:29


Originally Posted by Admles (Post 7386666)
Ugh, THIS!

Even Beytwice gets it wrong in that "Single Ladies" song :hea:

"I can care less what you think"

:vlol: Queenyonce joining the floppy grammar ranks along with "The Way I Are".

Rai 26-06-15 15:44

"So, does snow hover over sand?" << coming from an assistant manager. She must have seen my expression as she quickly tried and failed to make it into a joke.

DragonSlayer 26-06-15 16:02

A former friend of mine told me he lost a coin down a drain and waited 7 years to go and look for it, i was :confused: why wait 7 years to look for it.

One day at school i overheard someone say when i grow up i want to be a frying pan.

Effy 26-06-15 17:11

A girl in my class when I was 18 once said "Is China called China because that's where china comes from?"

Vinkula 26-06-15 17:40

A Finnish politician opposing same sex marriage in Finland:

"What next? People want to marry their dogs soon too?"

mepsipax 26-06-15 17:42

^ That's like a public figure here in Ireland, coming up to our referendum, said (as an argument against gay marriage) "Gay people already have it good here. They're getting put to death in other countries!" :rolleyes:

Vinkula 26-06-15 17:43

What the hell :confused: That's like a threat or something :eek: Sounds that way anyway

Tyrannosaurus 26-06-15 19:28

I also hate it when people use the phrase "based off of" instead of "based on".

Paddy 26-06-15 23:01


Originally Posted by Admles (Post 7386652)
To quote Australian Comedian Carl Barron:

*person points at clock*

"Is that the time?"

"Nah mate, it's a hamburger, have a bite."



Originally Posted by Mad Tony (Post 7386658)
"I could care less". Dumb because 99% of the time people actually mean "I couldn't care less".

Yes. Can't stand people who say that. Morons

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