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Woops 25-05-19 15:23


Originally Posted by TombHackR (Post 8092961)
leave this forum.

Feel free to.

lance6439 25-05-19 15:32


Originally Posted by Woops (Post 8090770)
I disagree, I'm only discussing this because a moderator is mocking something people say after actions taken against them which is why I assumed it happened behind the scenes. Gotta ask though did it really not happen behind the scenes because I'd like to see where it happened and I'll be sorry for starting this and I'll walk out.

I'm sorry I must've misunderstood the "closing the thread" part in your original post then, I apologize.

The terms and condition tell you what you shouldn't do. Not what you should do. The sane assumption is "you can say anything you want without breaking the rules"- that's freedom of speech. And I said earlier I'm not viewing any of this from a "human rights" scope, I'm viewing it from basic principles of an online forum. The rules are here to guide us on what we shouldn't be doing. And saying they take away one's freedom of speech is absurd.

I don't really have anything against the moderation team and I respect all of you a lot for taking the time to make the community bigger, and I understand that we're all human beings and we all can make mistakes. But as moderators are supposed to be setting a role model for members to follow by not breaking the rules OR spreading toxicity. Admles failed in that department in my opinion. Again I have nothing against Admles or anyone nor any moderation action he took. But mocking what people say to him trying to defend themselves? AND saying we can't have freedom of speech!

I definitely don't see it as ganging up because he is someone of power and like I said just now is supposed to be setting a role model and not spread toxicity. If members are upset that someone who punishes people for doing bad, did something bad then everyone should be allowed to speak up. Involved or not. He involved all of us when mocking it publicly that way. It could be any of us mocked by him next if action isn't taken. And if anyone thinks we deserve to get mocked because we broke a rule and were banned for it (I'm not saying you are, but just saying in general) then they're dead wrong and shouldn't be in charge of anyone.

And what I meant with it not being the first time:

I didn't really wanna go dig up posts but... yea.
All these are simple requests and I believe were made in the forum features requests thread. Yet instead of giving a proper answer there (https://www.tombraiderforums.com/sho...postcount=1256 really?) (or even a No.) it's mocked here. That's wrong.

Those 3 posts actually are what make other forums great lmao

Not having to worry about downloading Photoshop to resize gifs :whi: which is why I popularized the use of videos instead of gifs. They also convey more emotion

Woops 25-05-19 16:15

Meh nvm not dwelling on this again

SrDanielPonces 25-05-19 16:39


Originally Posted by TombHackR (Post 8092961)
I can’t comprehend why people can not grasp this concept.

When you sign up for the forum, all of your posts here are in control of Justin. There’s no such thing as free speech on this forum, this is Justin’s forum and he has every right to censor as much as he wishes. Obviously this forum would be extremely unpopular if people started receiving bans for the ‘wrong opinions’, but the bottom line is… this is entirely possible and it is no violation of free speech.

From what I have seen in the past 6 years, I personally think there is nothing wrong with Admles’ work and I do not personally think there’s anything disrespectful in particular about the posts of his quoted above.

If you report a post and nothing gets done about it, deal with it. If the moderators believe the content is acceptable then you can not do anything about it, other than leave this forum.

lmao imagine if this idea was applied to the whole internet

TombHackR 25-05-19 21:12


Originally Posted by lance6439 (Post 8092964)
Those 3 posts actually are what make other forums great lmao

Not having to worry about downloading Photoshop to resize gifs :whi: which is why I popularized the use of videos instead of gifs. They also convey more emotion

“Members should be able to delete their own posts”
You have to realise the limitations that are in place. This forum costs lots of money to run and with the current software and hardware that can be afforded, if members were able to delete posts as well as create them… that would put a lot of strain on the forum and cause issues.

“There should be no GIF limits”
The rule is in place to stop threads looking completely ridiculous by being covered in enormous GIF images that stretch the page.

“Members should be able to make their own polls”
I am unaware why this feature is not avaliable myself, but I am sure there is a good reason for this.

Athukraz 25-05-19 21:37


Originally Posted by TombHackR (Post 8093041)
“Members should be able to make their own polls”
I am unaware why this feature is not avaliable myself, but I am sure there is a good reason for this.

Wouldn't the mods just delete their polls if it's something bad?

SunDormant 26-05-19 00:03

I honestly thought Admles' posts were funny :p

I mean, sure, they might sound somewhat authoritarian, but then again, if you don't like it, why not just leave and find a more suitable forum for you? One free of double standards and dictatorial moderators? I don't know why some people take it to heart when they are told they are free to leave. Would you rather have Justin point a gun at your head and force you to stay and stand all this drama? :vlol:

As far as I know, being in this forum is no right of mine, nor of any of its members, and it's not like I'll be deprived of my basic needs if I get banned from here one day. It'll suck, but it's not like my "free speech" is being invalidated here.

If anything, free speech allows me to shame this forum outside of it, right? :whi:

Athukraz 26-05-19 00:28

I will not buy the next TR game.

Ellioft 26-05-19 12:09

That's was okay I guess : I alway though this sentence was overall used when you don't know what to feel about something.

Zsott 26-05-19 13:47


Originally Posted by Admles (Post 8090093)
When people get moderated and say "this is a violation of my right to free speech." :vlol:

Newsflash - you don't have a right to free speech, you agreed to terms and conditions when you signed up.


Originally Posted by Woops (Post 8090099)
Do people say that frequently? -no

We just don't see it much, since those posts are mostly part of the usual Reboot vs Classic fights getting personal kind of drama.

Also, Admles is right.
When you signed up here, you accepted the rules; And we don't have the right to free speech:

-we cannot share our opinions if it's against the rules
-we can't cuss
-we can't do/ write a lot of things because it goes against the rules. (getting off topic, for example)


This week I had a 'r/entitledparents' worthy day...

Entitled mom tought, I have to do her grocery shopping; then unload it to her car.
' I'm a customer, I know my rights and you have to do as I say. If not, I'll get you fired! '
Too bad I quit my job and I'm at the end of the 1 month notice. :D

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