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SnatchingEdges 31-08-20 18:07


Originally Posted by DragonSlayer (Post 8235966)
Just ignore the trolls living in their mother's basements hiding behind the safety of their keyboards.

Then ignore them.

DragonSlayer 31-08-20 22:15

I was watching Gogglebox a while ago and that guy Giles was telling his wife the reason he failed his first driving test because he tried to run over a blind person at a zebra crossing then added that he hadn't seen the blind person.

I :vlol: so hard, it's the kind of thing I think that John Cleese would do in one of his shows that's if he hasn't already done it.

redfox45 31-08-20 23:16


Originally Posted by Yeauxleaux (Post 8232324)
Secondly emasculating me over my height and acting like you've never seen a 5'5 man before isn't cool.

Men do this too!?

Not cool. You're born how you're born. There isn't much someone can do about their height. There's no such thing as a "leg job"

Oh wait there is >_< no thanks though...

Yeauxleaux 01-09-20 02:31


Originally Posted by redfox45 (Post 8236013)
Men do this too!?

Not cool. You're born how you're born. There isn't much someone can do about their height. There's no such thing as a "leg job"

Oh wait there is >_< no thanks though...

Lol men do it more in my experience, though moreso straight men than gay men. It's just a bit more passive-aggressive and indirect than women.

I heard about that surgery before and ngl I was curious at first. Then I read that the recovery time is horrendous and you never fully recover, many people who get it can barely walk after and none can run very well. So yeah, no thanks.

SnatchingEdges 01-09-20 02:51

Short men are cute they can hug me and kiss my tummy.

DragonSlayer 01-09-20 12:18

Some of the things idiots online are saying about Adele's alleged cultural appropriation are :cen: stupid.

One person said she should go to jail for this with no parole, another person said Bantu Knots are not to be worn by white people in any context period.

I disagree if someone wants to have a certain hairstyle they can they don't need or require anyone's permission.

One day for some reason some guy I didn't know turned up at school with a Mohawk hairstyle, if someone wants to have their hair in a particular style then let them they're not hurting anyone.

I saw it in this morning's newspaper that former teen bride Courtney Stodden (some of you might know her because she married the actor Doug Hutchinson when she was 16) in this morning's newspaper there's a picture of her dressed as Cleopatra in an ancient Egyptian themed outfit.

Is she to be accused of cultural appropriation too, Katy Perry also wore an Egyptian outfit in her Dark Horse video will she be accused of cultural appropriation too.

The whole point of dressing up is to be someone your not, there will probably be idiots calling for fancy dress parties to be banned just in case someone turns up wearing a costume that people might think is cultural appropriation, if I were to turn up dressed as Mr Spock or a Klingon would that be considered cultural appropriation of an alien species.

The same can be said for people playing parts in cartoons like Apu and Hank Azaria in The Simpsons, so what if a white person is playing the part of someone from India, would people say the same thing if it was the other way round and an Indian person was playing the part of a white guy, I doubt that they would say anything just in case someone would call them a racist.

Mani_Man 08-09-20 10:15

When you explain in simple english the most basic definitions of something and people still dont get it and go "waha no its not because i say so"

I should really look into those explenation videos people do in order to teach children certain things.
Because if basic english isnt enough for some, i dont know what.

I mean dude, i tell you the worldwide accepted and used definition of that, and you go "Naha thats not it"...what a dumb thing to say.

SnatchingEdges 10-09-20 22:57


Blue_light 11-09-20 00:04

Some dude who copies anime images and screenshots 1:1, and posts them online saying "my own reference". :facepalm:

nerdfury 11-09-20 20:12

I'm at the weed store minding my own business and the fellow in line in front of me turns around and looks at me. Then he says, "What?? Asian people don't smoke weed!"


I just really really dislike stereotyping/generalizing/pigeon-holing based on race. Blargh.

(I don't partake nowadays and weed is legal in my State)

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