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Reggie 11-11-19 13:02


Originally Posted by CheshireBitch (Post 8151027)
I'm amazed (or I just forgot) how harsh people can be on review on trle.net lol
Calling my level a "tedious chore", :vlol:
clearly my level has flaws and is a bit rushed, because I didn't managed to fix it for the deadline, but I don't think it's actually that bad. lol
no offense taken btw.


I had someone accuse me of using textures which 'clearly have elephants' on them from India when I actually modified India textures and combined them with the plain highland fling textures. It's a small thing but I put a lot of hours into them. :vlol:

I'm ok with the reviews overall so far and it is mostly constructive criticism which I'm definitely happy to listen to. I just hope in the end my score shows an improvement from my debut level which so far is not the case.

scion05 11-11-19 13:51

Tom your level was a real turd, face it.

(I jest, I loved it, and it showed great passion. Now please release the MGS level).

Reggie 11-11-19 14:10


Originally Posted by scion05 (Post 8151053)
Tom your level was a real turd, face it.

(I jest, I loved it, and it showed great passion. Now please release the MGS level).

I'm sure there will be people who think that!

I'm glad you enjoyed it. As for the MGS level...one day!

Baslakor 11-11-19 14:27


Originally Posted by Mulf (Post 8150950)
I'm fairly sure I'm playing this updated version (the relevant files are dated 5 November, 2:37 h), but regarding the room with the four mummies who guard the Uzis (which you coincidentally mention in this post), what happened to me was that one of those mummies got stuck in the pushable, making it impossible to proceed any further. I should think this needs fixing, too. Surviving this fight is pretty much the result of dumb luck, and finding yourself in a deadlock immediately thereafter sort of sours the experience.

Thanks for letting me know. I will take a look at it!

@Cheshirebitch: Being a level builder is an underappreciated job unfortunately. Haven't played your level yet, but it's next one on the list. It does look really good though! :D :hug:

CheshireBitch 11-11-19 15:09

Thank you Reggie and Baslakor :hug:

JMN 11-11-19 18:30

Glad it wasn't a shark...


dcw123 12-11-19 11:04

OK guys, back to continuing to play levels again now I'm back from holiday.

Looked at my levels reviews on TRLE and TBF I'm honestly pleased with them..
Sure my level wasn't amazing - but I knew that I'd get about 7 average.

With more time and some more practice - I'm sure I could do a really good next level :3

Teone 12-11-19 12:17


[image removed]

Using this shortcut something went wrong and camera position behind Lara changed, as you can see in the screen, is closer.
I don't know why this happened. The annoying thing is that camera position is stored in the save, so I had to reload a previous save, repeat the shortcut and this time was fine.

[image removed]

Not a big problem. I just wanted to let you know.
Have you ever experienced this issue?

SrDanielPonces 12-11-19 14:24

Nope, not aware of this issue. What happens when you get into the crawlspace is the screen fades in, teleports Lara and fades out. Shouldn't interest with the camera...

Maybe it is a bug with the automatic FOV plugin???

Teone 12-11-19 14:46

Checking better... it's not about the camera position. It seems the 'look' button is stuck, instead.
I remember that I pressed the look button while teleporting (who knows why) and now the look view is stuck in the save. :hea:
But nevermind...

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