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Sabatu 01-07-19 18:46

This post was full of radiation

Dermahn 01-07-19 18:49

I'm gonna do a jungle level :)

I have a few questions regarding the rules:
Are new moves allowed, such as Krystian's Crawlspace Flexibility?
Do retextured objects count into the 12 new objects limit?

bigfoot 01-07-19 20:40

You can count me too :).
That will be like a break after my Ptolemaic levels.
But I don't know where exactly :confused: :p .

Titak 01-07-19 20:43


Originally Posted by Sabatu (Post 8106009)
I just heard you can't post anything from banned person so if this is right i will delete it :)

So please delete that part of your message.
Pedro can build a level if he wants, he just can't have it discussed here or have it up for download here, using members as messengers, as long as his ban is still in place.

DJ Full 01-07-19 21:47


Sabatu 01-07-19 22:39

Ohh my god :)
My first room :)


Baslakor 02-07-19 00:11


I'll go for ancient (eg; TR1) Egypt!

tombraiderxii 02-07-19 01:33

Mayyyybe just maaaaybe

I'm thinking of either Shakespeare Cliff or Sleeping with the Fishes, since I couldn't finish Madhouse for the last competition :D

GeekOfComedy 02-07-19 01:48

What a #TBT, I haven't played my create a classic level in 3 years. Y'all go to TRLE - play it and give me a thumbs up, comment and subscribe. :D :D :vlol:

LoreRaider 02-07-19 09:10

Here's a shot from my level (which I posted as well on the Screenshots thread, but with new things added), one of the many caves that will be in the level :D
Currently I'm also working on a feature which is missing on the PC version, you'll see what I mean :)

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