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Default TR Advanced Installer new release

The new version of Tomb Raider Advanced Installer has been released.

* v1.06 build 92 [20. january 2007]
  • Added VDMSound and Glidos autodetection. If VDMSound 2.1.0 or higher is not detected, the installer may not configure the game to work with VDMSound.
  • Added TR1 multiprocessor support which fixes game freezing and savegame corruptions on dual-core or Hyperthreaded Intel CPU's. If more than one CPU is detected, Tomb Raider Advanced Installer will automatically install, register and start the service named "Tomb Raider Advanced Installer Multiprocessor Helper" which may monitor and fix Tomb Raider executables while the game is running.
  • Added support for dgVoodoo 1.40+ (the user may now choose between dgVoodoo 1.31 and dgVoodoo 1.40+)
  • TRUB levels included in installer (this is the main reason why the installer got so big)
  • Added idlePrio support which fine-tunes audio synchronization
  • The user may now chose between stereo and mono sounds (choose mono if you are getting crackling sounds)
  • Now copying vddloader.dll into C:\TOMBRAID (required by Glidos)
  • Fixed bug where install screen freezes the data after embedded resource could not be found in the executable
  • Added update module, so you may contact the author, send your comments and ask for help
  • Fixed dead links, some new links added
Full article and download link HERE
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