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Originally Posted by ReeceMix View Post
Awsome work Tr4Larson, If the export rotation of the trmsh can be added automatically and exactly as the import It will make aligning the meshes for re-mapped joints much easier.
If using script 0952, before exporting, rotate your model so the front is pointing along the Global positive Z axis and the top is pointing along the Global minus Y axis. Press CTRL-A and export.

If using script 0954, before exporting, if you press 1 on the numpad so the Global +Z axis is up and the Global +X axis points right, your model will look exactly the same in TRviewer's window. (The default view, that is, when its not rotating and you double click in TRviewers window or first open a mesh.) Rotate your model the way you want it to be in TRviewer's window and press CTRL-A and export.

Originally Posted by sapper View Post
Can import Strpix dxf direct into Blender! Don't know if texture info is retained.
Blender does import the texture info with the Strpix .dfx. That is, the texture ID and type for each face. See Strpix readme for interpretation. Lose this info on export though.

In the screenshots you can see blender displays the texture info in the 3D window as the object's name, listed in the outliner window and at the right-hand side of the main header.

Originally Posted by ReeceMix View Post
So when i saved the Strpix DXF into a 3DS so i could get it into Blender
I assume you saved to .3ds with Metasequoia. Blender will import Meta .3ds but not Trviewer .3ds. Neither will Trviewer import blender .3ds.

I don't know anything about .3ds format but 3d exploration 1.5 opens .3ds from Trviewer and Blender.

Trviewer exports to .3ds with four light objects positioned above the object and I think this is causing the problem. I may send a bug report to the python script maintainers.

edit: Latest blender 2.45 imports Trviewer .3ds ok. I was using 2.44. Note still have to "snap objects to centre" to assemble Lara's moveable.

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