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Originally Posted by T4Larson View Post a "Scripts Window"-type window in blender, and from the window menu select "Scripts"->"System"->"Scripts Config Editor"...

I haven't heard from T4Larson but I found out how to get rid of the shine on the models.

The config options in the Scripts Config Editor for the exporter includes an option to use the Light or the Collision flag for specularity. Using Light got rid of the shine.

You can also make the model shinier by increasing the specularity setting in the config editor.

Download an html tute for getting to the Script Config Editor here.

An easier way to adjust the shine is to change the spec setting for the material in Blender. Reducing to zero gets rid of the shine.

No shine screenshots. Second one lit by flare.

I also found a way to get the TR rooms into blender already textured.
Open your TR1-4 level in Rview5 & Pixstr2.2
In Rview-->export dxf-->In the dxf file rename Texture_xxxx to TEXTUR_xxxx-1, e.g. Texture_1799 to TEXTUR_1798 (I did this by adjusting the Rview source but you should be able to do it in notepad)-->import dxf into static slot in Pixstr-->save TR level--> open in TRviewer--> export as .3DS or .TRSMH (may have to change lighting first via toolbox)-->Blender. This may not work for rooms with lots of vertices though, if so cut the room into sections by cut & pasting the DXF text file carefully.

edit: I am writing a delphi exe that converts Rview DXFs into Pixstr DXFs and also rescales the DXF as if it had been exported at world co-ords divided by 1024. Will upload shortly. Get it here.

Download version 1.1 here.

Version 1.1 changes

- set decimal separator to '.' so users in countries where ',' is used shouldn't have any problems using the scale function.
- new XP look
- added PixStr to Rview function so can re-import the DXF into Rview correctly textured.

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