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I just renamed LaraC1 to LaraD and then saved at the start. Then renamed Lara to LaraD and loaded the saved game. When I moved the character into the level (off the special cam) the camera switched to front view.
Every new game I started with any renamed Lara model gave me front cam until I exited the game and restarted. The front cam was off on restart but then I loaded the game with the Lara renamed to LaraD and got front cam again. To think I spent hours hacking saved games to find this. Now I have front cams with all the models starting in Paris1.

Speaking of Lara.chr; I was messing around (really) with the Sukel model (bump map) and noticed I had pointed the bump map to the wrong bump map. No big deal really except the original bump map in the smaller chr is only 256x256. Sukel's CHR had both bump maps; the 256x256 and the 1024x1024. I connected the 1024x1024 to the model and added a smoother bump map and the original texture.

but I could stop there

Lara.chr in "Shiny Black" ; basically everything in detail set B (for better term) which is mostly cloth. I set that texture to HEX 12 which is...I don't know but it's past the bump map which is HEX 11. The dog looks to be HEX 13 but it's hard to tell. The game stacks the textures each time you load a saved game. In this case every load of this model results in a different cloth texture until it cycles through the stack. On game start the texture is black, first load it was the dog texture, 2nd load a bubbly texture, third was the fonts, and 4th or 5th back to black. This of course would explain the problem with TexMod, I thought the offset changed each time but now I see the texture in that offset changes each time.

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