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Default Run your edited files without creating a .tpf

Creating a .tpf file everytime you make even a minor change to one of your modded textures can be quite annoying, especially if you, like me, like to keep checking how every change you make looks like in the game. But there is a simpler way, using TexMod’s Logging Mode. This is how it works:
  1. Keep the files you have edited in your Out folder (i.e., the folder containing your TexMod.log file).
  2. Start TexMod and go to Logging Mode. Make sure the field marked “DefFile” contains the path to your TexMod.log file (see the screenshot below).
  3. Click Run. You’ll see that your modded textures appear in the game, even though there is no .tpf, and you’re running Logging Mode not Package Mode.
  4. Close/minimize the game, and go back to your Out folder. If you need to edit your files further, simply repeat these steps as many times as necessary. If not, then go to Package Build and build your .tpf. In short, you don’t need to create a .tpf until your mod is completely done. Make sure that you run your final .tpf once just to check it, though, just to be on the safe side.
This simple and efficient method may be known to other modders too, but I decided to mention it after reading Quasimodo’s excellent post above – since she was trying to streamline the modding process, but included creating a .tpf at every step, I thought I should share this tip that streamlines the process even more.

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