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You can use Meta's "merge all" option from the Misc button in the Object panel to create one mesh but then you lose texture info unless an option to export "Material's name as layer" is added to Meta's DXF export.
OK. Here's a program that converts an MQO to a StrPix DXF using the material name as the layer name so now you can merge all the faces into one object and still save the texture info. Also use the "join closed vertices" in the Object menu once you have merged the faces to get rid of duplicate vertices.
MQO2DXF 1.1a

Download version 1.2 here

- Version 1.2 changes
Users in countries that use "," for decimal should no longer need to change regional settings in Windows to run the program.

Download version 1.3 here

- Version 1.3 changes
Swap YZ checked by default.
Multiply x 0.01 checked by default.
Can choose to only convert objects marked as visible in the MQO file.

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