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Originally Posted by Kiss-Bite View Post
The contract with MS will be signed & sealed, at least for a long period. I think Eidos has been very silly & has underestimated the power of consumers.

Like I said if it were an extra costume rather then 6 hours of new gameplay. Eidos will have damaged their TRU campaign, people feel strongly about things esp none CD & Eidos TR fans! Some even think the DLC are bits cut from the game to have as add ons later just to make more money.

Some people I know have already canceled their pre-order of TRU! Anyone who thinks this wouldn't upset a lot of people is just deluded!
How is Eidos being silly, they are in the business of publishing games to make money, Microsoft wanted to pay more for extra content so a couple of extra levels were done. They might not have even be done by Crystal Dynamics considering how busy they are just finishing of the main game for Xbox360 and the PS3 and they do have other projects to work on. Eidos Montreal or Nixxes could be doing the extra levels. Having expansion packs is not going to make any difference to Underworld on other platforms, or to the next game which will be a new adventure as all the other games have been. l am sure if Sony was willing to pay for some extra content for the PS3 version Eidos would be just as willing to oblige. l have no idea how PC fans are going to get any thing extra, but am still hopeful.
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