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Originally Posted by SparedLife View Post
Your a quick learner. Yes the glow depends on the lighting for the area you are in. Also I noticed sometimes when you reload; the game no longer loads the lighting effects and the glow disappears.
I find there is much more use for the glow than for the transparencies. Between the glow effect and the gloss effects you can come up with some interesting combinations.
For the screenshots, i reloaded certain points at Le Serpent Rouge, since that level has a lot of light variation; however, glowing was never absent, unless Lara is were light is more intense (like if glossing masked glowing).

With more use you mean the use of glow at the game or the modding possibilities?

While glossing LaraS.chr, i also noticed that almost every single glossing i tried to make in her torso before showed the circles while underwater. But it didn't happened with the glowing.

i'm really clueless about this, i don't even think i'm making too much sense. However, i'll give a try whatever comes to my mind.

Edit: lara breakdances!

I also checked the first post, it looks promising

Edit 2: I'm releasing it, friend....
LaraS.chr Rave Mod

Download .dds

PS: I promise i'll release a TexMod version when i manage to make DXT5 working on TexMod.

Edit 3: Wanna play it without the loader and with the SCU?

To use the model in Paris (except Louvre)

Download LaraD.chr rave

PS: I fixed the remnants of her backpack that didn't blackout, so it's invisible now.
PSS: Sorry for the lack of innovation, but i really can't think about new stuff while in classes.

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