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Some scans and photos from the issue 22 Next Generation mag that aussie500 mentioned previously, this mag was a bit awkward to scan as it's quite thick with a pretty solid spine and obviously I didn't want to damage it by flattening it to scan it so I also took some photo's of it, the results are good overall with just two pages that I'm not that happy with as I feel that such a classic publication with early TR info should be archived as best as possible, I might give it another go when I've calmed down from bending around a mag that cost as much in postage (USA to UK) as the mag itself

I have combined some of the scans in photoshop to show them as they were intended to be seen and also made a pdf file with all the images in.

Download the pdf file for all the images here. 8.7MB

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Everything seems to have vanished, so here are some new scans from Retromags.

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