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Exclamation Incorrect Track Sequencing on the Revell Score to the First Film

Taken from here

Word is that you aren't pleased with the sequencing of the score album - what happened there?

This is the other half of your last question. Unfortunately the album suffered greatly because we had to send it to mastering while still mixing the movie track. There were mistakes made in bouncing up to 32 tracks digitally in the computer. Some things completely disappeared and then the sequencing was messed up at the mastering studio. My apologies to those who care about such things. The correct sequencing will be posted on my website at
I can't find the list in mention on Revell's website. No one happened to note the correct tracklisting did they? If it was posted in 2003? I noticed this a long while ago when listening to the score; this is what I perceive as the correct tracklisting:
  1. Tomb Raider Main Titles ==> Tomb Raider Main Titles/Lara Croft At Home ?!
  2. Lara Croft At Home ==> Powell And The Illuminati
  3. Powell And The Illuminati ==> Lara Dreams Of Her Father
  4. Lara Dreams Of Her Father ==> The Clock
  5. The Clock ==> ?! Lara Croft At Home ?!
  6. Home Invasion [Correct]
  7. Alex West & Mr. Wilson ==> ?! (Correct?!)
  8. The Letter ==> Journey To Cambodia
  9. Journey To Cambodia ==> ?!
(#10-15 Appear Correct)

Has anyone got the revised tracklist officially posted by Graeme?

I was thinking of getting in contact with him soon anyway (my dad went to school with him), and if no one knows I'll be sure to ask (also for a promo of the complete score! )
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