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Default Making static objects poseable

First install the Blender importer and exporter.
On Windows XP: C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\UserName\Anwendungsdaten\Blender Foundation\Blender\.blender\scripts
On Windows 7: C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\.blender\scripts
Install Phyton.

Second install the GeMeshAsciiToBin converter for XNALara into the Progream folder.

Now load any poseable model and the static model into
Open Blender and remove the cube. ( Object->Delete : Shortkey x)
Import any original XNALara model into Blender. (File->Import->MeshAsciiExt)
Select none. Select->Select/Deselect All: Shortkey a)
Import the static model into Blender. (File->Import->Wavefront .obj)
Scale the static model to the same size like Lara: (Object->Transform->Scale : hotkey s)
Copy the bone weigths (poseable data) from Lara to the static model:
Right mouse click on the static part.
Hold the shift key down.
Right mouse click on the poseable (Lara) part.
Release the shift key.
Choose Object->Scripts->Bone Weight copy.
Connect (attach) the new parts to the armature (skeleton):
Right mouse click on the new part.
Hold the shift key down.
Right mouse button click (<RMB>) on the armature.
Release the shift key.
Choose Object-Parent>Make Parent->Armature (hotkey <Ctrl> <p>)
Repeate this for every part.
Remove all Lara parts: <RMB> and <x>
Export model into the folder with the static .obj model. (File->Export->MeshAsciiExt)

Set material properties:
Change the result file (Generic_Item.mesh.ascii) with any texteditor (notepad)
Search for textures

1 # uv layers
1 # textures
Change the meshname. (The line above 1 # uv layers) Prefix with 5_ (one diffuse texture) or 7_ (one diffuse texture with # transparents)

1 # uv layers
1 # textures
Repeat last step for every textures.

Convert the ascii file:
Use explorer (file manager). Right mouse button click on Generic_Item.mesh.ascii. Choose open with GeMeshAsciiToBin.exe.
Remove the static .obj and .mtl file.
Test it.

Tips and Tricks:

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