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First bats: grab into the hole, hop back with a slight twist to the left side and start running. Then just sprint towards the beginning of the level, with a bit of patience and luck it's possible

Larson #1: You gotta find the spot where Lara aims at Larson without being recognised by him. It can be easily found by doing the following.
Stand as near at the right wall as possible having your guns drawn. Now turn until you reach a 45 angle to the wall and do sidesteps to the right. If the angle is correct Lara won't do the sidesteps but starts shaking while moving forward a little bit. Do this until Lara aims at Larson and kill him.

Larson #2: Can be easily skipped by chosing a not so common way. However I didn't like this idea. What i did should be clear once you know the following fact of the TR4 and TR5-engine.
Laras bullets don't have a limited distance. The bullets will hit the enemy, no matter how far away he is. Lara just won't aim anymore.

I hope I could help some of you. I could also make pictures when I'm at home. Just tell me if you need them
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