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Originally Posted by amore-guy View Post
First pic: why do you hate the world? Just because everyone hate you doesnt mean you should hate us!
Second pic: the ledge is behind you please throw yourself!
We dont wanna see you again!
I don't hate the world, I love the world, I only hate a bit of it and that's you Oh Noooo I'm waay too valuable to throw myself. I'd rather throw you
Originally Posted by BoyTRaider View Post
Nice location! Where is that?

And you guys look like you are up to no good. Planning some evil schemes. Haha
That's a very beautiful location in Beirut, here's some more pics:

Thank you And nah, we're little angels

Originally Posted by Kelly Craftman View Post
t looks like you had a lot of fun Boys, Both looking great
We did have a great time, Thanks Kelly
You want thingamabobs? I got twenty!
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