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So I have too much time on my hands it seems... I poked around the files and found sound clips in the CDRM files (mesh/scene).

I modified the program to add this functionnality. I took the liberty to update the version to 3.97, I hope Dusan won't mind

Here's the program :
and the source code :

Just open a CDRM file and select "all sounds (.fsb4)". If there are sound files, they will be extracted. The sounds are in the FSB4 format. You can use the program towav to convert them. If you want to convert multiple files at the same time, just put the program and the files in the same folder, open a command prompt, browse to the folder and write "towav *.fsb4", all the files will be converted.

You'll see, it's fun to hear all the screams Lara can do

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