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Tutorial by Daventry and Love2Raid

Here is My Version

Sometimes in Blender when you Remove Parts of a Model, the Model in the end is Half Invisible when you Load it in XNALara, thatís because something isent right.

(If thereís Already a generic_item.mesh.ascii in the Model Folder, go straight to Blender and Import it)

Load your Model and Press F11, then save it in the Model Folder as generic_item and close the Program.

Go to Blender, then Import the mesh.ascii.

Right click just below the header above and press split screen, then left click to keep that view.

On the split screen, click on the small block below, then click on UV/Image Editor.

On the left pane, right click on the part of your Character, then press Tab to go to Edit Mode.

You will see in the right pane, the Textures of that part.

Look at the Image to see what buttons you must Click for Editing.

On the right pane, press B twice to make a Circle.

Now hold in the RMB, then carefully drag around the part to make it Orange.

Left Click with the Mouse and go to the left pane, then left click with the Mouse to show the Selected Part in Orange.

Delete that Part.

Its also Safer to Manually select some parts on the left pane window, since the UV map overlaps some parts you donít want to delete.

Press Tab to go to Object Mode and press A to deselect all, then Export your Model in the Same Folder.

Make sure you put meshasciitobin.exe in your Model Folder aswell.

Delete the generic.mesh File and go to My Computer\Drive\XNALara (Your New Model Folder) then drag the generic_item.mesh.ascii to meshasciitobin.exe and look as it makes your file into a mesh file.

Double click on ModPublisher.exe to make a New Generic Folder with New Files, then Rename and Copy that Folder to another destination in XNALara\Data and Delete the Old Folder.

Load XNALara with your New Model, then you will notice that something isent right.

Apparently the Invisible part of your Model has the same name as another mesh part.

Open mesh.ascii in Notepad and check the names, then change it if one Name is the same.

For Example: 25_NoneKillerCroc.002_0.1_16_16 Change to: 25_NoneKillerCroc.002_0.8_0_0

When you are done, remove the Chain Bones like this for example: Left Chain Upper to unusedLeft Chain Upper

Save the txt when youíre done and Generate the Mesh, then load XNALara and load your Model that is now Fixed.
================================================== ===================================
Another trick you can try, is by loading your Model into Blender, then select the part that showed Invisible in the XNALara Program and press F5. Look at the Columns below and look to the right, then click on Map Input and make sure UV is ticked. Now Export the Model and the Invisible part of your Model should be fixed.

If your Model shows Black Spots from where the Chains were, go to Photoshop and open the Light Map Texture of your Model, then use Clone Stamp to cover the part up.

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