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Default XNALara 9.8.1 Tutorial

In case of unavailability of official example, here is the example model I made just to show you how it works.

When you load it u'll see only the cube and the sphere.
The cube its a base model, like Lara. The sphere is an accessorize which is visible when we load the model.
there is also another accessorize- iso sphere and cone.
these is 2 separate meshes with different render groups ( in this way they are the same, just saying ) It is invisible when we load the model

the terms of use:

Originally Posted by XNAaraL

RenderGroupNumber ( render groups) all from 1 to 29
+ means this optional accessorie are visible if the model are loaded
- means this optional accessorie are invisible when loading the model
MenuItemName added to the Options-->OptinalItem menu as toggle button
. field separator for meshnames
MeshPartName: Any String for make the mesh part unique
so, if u put + right after render group-u'll get visible mesh.
If u put the same MenuItemName ( name of accessorize) in different meshes- u'll get one single accessorize which include all of these meshes. no matter what render group they use!

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