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Another one.

Day Five : Danger Upside-down (Part one)

I woke up, but not fully awake and i felt something pulling me or someone that is. My body was aching like hell, i barely moved a finger. My head felt like crap because of the rocks i'm being pulled with. My body couldn't stand that pain so i fainted or went back to sleep.
Several Hours Later.
I woke up, fully awake this time, i gasped for air in the same time when i noticed i was hung upside-down in some cocoon, i scanned the area around me, not liking what i'm seeing like more cocoons around me. Before i could scream for help mindlessly. I heard a scream, a voice calling for help echoing in the freaky ugly place i'm in. Suddenly i realized who's voice was that... It was Marie. She was screaming like crazy that I started tearing, it sounded like... I've thought of it for a second, then my eyed opened wide when I thought that she might be burning.
'Oh god', i whispered to myself, I need to get out of here. I noticed that there is a fire behind me earlier, if i could this burn away this cocoon off me. I thought again if i could make the other cocoon catch fire then i swing with the cocoon that i'm in and make it touch the cocoon on which is on fire (or will be) it can burn off this cocoon, and while my cocoon is burning, ill hang onto the other cocoons around me.
I started swinging my cocoon so i can push the other cocoon into the fire, minutes later, i did it. I took a 10 seconds rest and i was about to move again to catch fire when i noticed my cocoon is on fire too! How did it get-... I looked how the cocoons were being hanged... wood. My cocoon was loose, so i started falling.
I screamed at the top of my lungs, until i hit the puddle down below really hard, pain shot up that i started rolling on the floor for a few seconds trying to find out where the pain is coming from at the same time. I scanned my body and found it in a fraction of a second. It was long piece of metal... and it's in my torso! I started freaking out, i was in pain. My vision started blacking out, oh no i'm dead this time, i thought. I thought again, in movies when they get stabbed they pull the thing off. So i decided to do the same, since i'm a dead man- i mean girl, anyway. I started pulling it off and screaming at the same time. I couldn't... I started pulling it again and suddenly it popped out. I screamed in pain once again, i felt the rush of adrenaline running through my body. I stood up like i wasn't in pain at all and started running around clumsily like a daft idiot. Suddenly i tripped and face-planted. I stayed on the same spot for about 10 seconds, i stood up again. Everything was calm... I heard somebody whispering that made me flinch, the whispers were coming from everywhere, probably echos.
It was scaring me so i started walking fast, but not running. I saw a dead body that has been hung, i went closer to it step by step... I didn't who is this because the body has been burnt badly until i saw the metal bracelet i lent Marie. I Gasped loudly and moments later i heard footsteps echoing around that i didn't care about Marie at all and wanted to get out of here.
That's what i did, i started walking fast, suddenly i ran into a dark claustrophobic cave, i stopped and ran back. I took a torch that was hanging on a wall and went through the cave again, i got through it and i saw another cave nearby, with a lower ceiling. I crouched and went forward, i flinched when i felt something clinging and pulling both of my legs.

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