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Originally Posted by Love2Raid View Post
Thanks for the info!

I just saw some pictures of this same event on Eidos forums, and the guy who was playing was most definitely holding a PS3 gamepad... unless Iīm going insane. Better ask Dark Messiah what they were playing on. XD

Oh, thatīs strange. No animation? Maybe itīs because the game is not finished yet, or will it be like that in the finished game as well?
Not that it really bothers me, but people who like to do īno medipackī runs and stuff like that might be annoyed by this though...
The whole event was Xbox 360 only
And I think its finished because the sound and the pop up looked very final to me. (But everything can change until Fall 2012)

The Loading Screen looks a bit like this:
with a countdown, some moving bars and text. And you hear Lara talking about her situation.
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