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GOW3_Marcus Fenix
Game: Gears of War 3
Model: Marcus Fenix
Property of Epic Games. We do not own anything!
Extracted by dragbody and converted by me for XNALara
No need to credit us, use it as much as you want but not for porn.

Hope You Like It!


PS1 : as you see, I've uploaded that one on mediafire, that's because the two models rexil got deleted on dA were from that very game if I'm correct, so i rather not tempt the devil as we say in my green and cheesy country, but I'll keep uploading other stuff on dA until I got problem

PS2: rexil, do you mind putting the GOW 3 stuff you've ported already near the top of your "to upload again" list? thanks!

PS3:because I can!

Leaving, will only update recaps I created.
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