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Originally Posted by RazKurdt View Post
Ah so the one I've got is the "long" halloween version lol.

Can we get a fixed, or more modern version of Hitman. I'd really like to get Agent 47, from Bloodmoney, so he looks nextgen. The one thats currently available looks like its from Hitman 2, and the bones dont work properly so all you can really do is move the arms up & down. Everything else causes distortions in the mesh, such as turning the head, which causes half of his chest to stick out of his body.

Yea, on second thoughts, can somebody PLEASE get us 47 from Bloodmoney. I love assassins, whether they're from Tenchu 1-4 or Hitman or whatever! Can we possibly get one of the "heaven & hell" dancing girls too? Pictures included:-

[Mod edit: Inappropriate image removed]

Hoping some1 gets on it!

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