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Hi there,im a big xnalara fan and i've seen so many great models around, more than i can toy with, i like to pose them as a hobby and was learning so i could release some myself, however i got a new job so my learning time its reduced to 1 hour a week, that means, will probably take long time before i rig something properly (i extracted some models however)
so here's the deal, im placing a bounty of 2 bucks per model (i'm not a millionaire either ) or its equivalent in points or whatever for whoever rigs these model and shares them in the community, i'm not buying them, only compensating the rigger for their time invested in sharing something new.
anyways, here are my requests

Rumble Roses XX (got the files and the script to load them in max courtesy of chroxx at xentax)
noble rose
candy cane
dixie SS
yasha SS
Anesthesia bikini
dr anesthesia

DOA Series
DOA4 Doa Ultimate (got doa4 files and scripts to load them in blender (xp only))
All Helena Models
All Hitomi Models
all christie Models

All girls

Doax2 (got the files in any format)
All Girl Models
some of the swimswits placed on the girls (no cut models please)

KUF circle of doom
Celine models (theres already the first one released around, so the other 4)

model conditions:
fully rigged (with mouth and everything)
if you use bumpmaps (like i've seen on Rexil's models like 6 textures for mesh) i'll try to add a bonus (again not a millionaire)

Thats about it for now, so if you're interested pm about the detais, so two people don't do the same job

oh! and the rigger places te conditions of usage!! so no stealing credits!!

Thanks a lot!!!
and happy sharing!!
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